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We, as a company, want to encourage our patients and customers to look to donate to a couple of causes that we believe in.  We have a link on our webpage that gives you the options to Donate, using a secure PayPay, to two causes. The first is an intervention team that works to free women and children from human trafficking in the US.  This organization addresses this huge issue in and around Charlotte, North Carolina (USA).  The funds go to directly into interventions including counseling, housing, clothing, food, school supplies, and everything needed to start from scratch to live in freedom from this slavery. The second is a organization that is involved in providing nutritionally sound meals to kids in Central America, as well as locally.  This is a volunteer organization that hosts meal packaging events in North Carolina and South Carolina where people of all kinds come together across all cultural, religious, and socioeconomic lines for a greater good. These funds support groups who can't raise enough money themselves to completely pay for the meals, or to pay for shipping the meals around the world. Their completely volunteer approach and using all funds just for purchasing the food and packing supplies, shipping, and storage, allows them to provide each meal at the lowest possible price.  Join the movement.  Make a difference in someOne's life today!  Thank you!