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Skrip Shoppe Affordable 180 Day Medication Program

At Skrip Shoppe Pharmacy, we are so excited to offer our new Skrip Shoppe Affordable 180-Day Medication program!  (Download the attached 180-Day Medication List for the current medications offered at great prices by clicking here.)

Our aim is to be able to provide an affordable option for people to get the medications they need.  The most affordable way to do that is by filling a 180 day supply of medications at a time and passing the savings along to our patients. Now, if you just can't afford to pay to get 180 day supply of all your medications at once, we can fill a 90 day supply.  The cost is slightly higher for each pill, but still affordable.  We do NOT bill insurance.  Please understand our heart is to take care of patients, but we have zero interest in taking care of the insurance companies who often work against affordable healthcare. 

If some of your medications are not on our published list, call the pharmacy and talk to us.  It will take some research, but we will get back in touch with you on the best price we can do for your other medications.  This program is built around affordable generic medications.  However, you may be on brand name drugs that do not have a generic, such as insulin. We can still help you if you don't have insurance, but we might not be your cheapest option for brands. If you have insurance, go to a pharmacy that accepts your insurance for brand drugs.

Why else are we doing this 180-Day Medication program?  Well, we have seen a lot of patients, especially senior citizens on Medicare or close to Medicare age, who can't afford their medications.  And, we see Medicare Part D patients that fall into the "Coverage Gap" or also called the "Doughnut Hole", and then suddenly have to pay full price for all their medications.  This can devastate some families on set monthly incomes.  So, the Skrip Shoppe 180-Day Medication program allows those patients to pay for many of their chronic (everyday) medications outside of Medicare, and only use the Medicare Part D prescription program for much more expensive brand name medications.  Essentially, this helps give them more control over their insurance plan.  

Lastly, we developed the Skrip Shoppe 180-Day Medication program because we know something that most patients or consumers don't know.  Simply put, when patients utilize a chain pharmacy simply because they have a good $4/$10 prescription drug list, they sort of assume that this chain is also very competitive on all their medications. Not true.  This is a classic bait and switch.  They charge significantly more on medications that are not on their $4/$10 list as compared to our pharmacy.  We don't do that.  We will research our best price we can do for any medication not already on our 180-Day Medication List.  As more patients request more medications for the List, then we will expand our 180-Day Medication List online and make it available to all our patients. We do charge a small amount for shipping. So, it is best to fill all your medications at one time and ship them out together.

We do not fill controlled substance prescriptions as part of the 180-Day Medication program.  The laws regarding controlled substance are very rigorous in each state and require a lot of additional actions on our part and yours, which adds costs.  A challenging thought for you: Start considering alternatives to some controlled substances.  We use way more controlled substances than the rest of the world.  We know this is a challenging idea, but explore other therapeutic or traditional approaches, such as Essential Oils, massage, deep stretching, low-impact exercise, and deep breathing techniques. We only wish you the best on your life journey.

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